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Policies & Agreement



If our chauffeurs arrive one minute late, your trip is free (not applicable if chauffeur is late due to inclement weather, road closures, or if the reservation is made the same day of your pick-up). This policy does not apply to airport transfers due to the nature of flight delays, custom checks, etc...

Even though Chief Limos guarantees an on time pick-up, we cannot commit or guarantee your drop-off time.

Chief Limos' chauffeurs will wait at the pick-up location for no more than a grace period of 12 minutes past the pick-up time. If a customer does not arrive within those 12 minutes, our chauffeurs have the right to leave. No refund will be provided to the customer. For Airport pickups (domestic arrivals), customers have a 30 minute grace period from the time of landing (we track our flights from the airports track flight system that is available on their website). Airport pickups for international arrivals are provided a 45 minute grace period from the time of landing. Chauffeurs have the right to leave if customer does not arrive within his/her grace period, no refund will be provided. In the event of an extended flight delay where the driver is waiting at the airport for more than 2 hours in anticipation of flight landing, the driver has the right to leave and a 50% refund will be provided to the passenger(s).

If a customer is running longer than there allowed grace period and still needs the chauffeur to provide the car/limo service, the customer will be charged the appropriate fees for the additional stand by service. Chauffeurs will stand by for a fee of $35/half-hour for Sedans and $55/half-hour for SUVs. The wait time and fees apply to stops along the route of point to point or airport transfers as well. If the the stop is outside of the route, the driver will advise passenger(s) that there will be an additional mileage charge in addition to the wait time fee. All wait times and fees are rounded up to the nearest half hour.


We understand that your travel plans may change or other circumstances may arise. With that in mind, Chief Limos has a very simple cancellation policy. If you need to cancel a reservation and you provide us with at least 6 days of advance notice of your cancellation, you will be provided a full refund. If you chose to cancel within 6 days of your trip, you will be refunded the price you payed minus a 35% fee on the trip price. There will be no refunds if you chose to cancel within 24 hours of your trip.


If cancellation requests are made according to our cancellation policy above, the full refund will be provided back to the original credit card that was charged. You may send your cancellation request via email or call our office.


Payments will be collected at the time of reservation via Credit Card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa). Any additional service added on after initial reservation will be charged to the credit card on file (credit card used for initial reservation). Customer will be responsible for full payment of any overtime charges beyond the original reservation. For hourly service, any additional time will be rounded up to the nearest half hour and prorated to the agreed hourly price at the time of reservation. Additional stops on a direct transportation service will be $15 per stop as long as the stop is on the way to the destination. For stops that our out of the way, the price will be determined by the Chauffeur and communicated to the passengers for agreement.


Chief Limos will provide a receipt of transaction as well as a reservation confirmation via email to customers after booking. We provide invoicing services to our frequent and corporate travellers, please ask about this if you are a frequent traveller so we can generate a Chief Limos corporate account number for you. For better efficiency, we can save your credit card and important information on file for seamless reservations.


The saftey of our passengers is our number 1 priority, we transport many passengers including lone female travelers and unaccompanied minors. We take your safety very seriously. As an extra security precaution, we can arrange for a password to be exchanged between the passenger and the chauffeur. Additionally, if you are comfortable with a particular chauffeur, feel free to make that request. We will do all we can to accommodate your request. Our late model vehicles are state inspected twice a year and accompanied by $1,500,000 of insurance for added safety.


There will be no smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, or consumption of illegal drugs in any of our Sedans and SUVs (per the state of Maryland/Virginia/DC law). Drinking alcoholic beverages is allowed in any of our stretch vehicles. Anyone who violates the drinking/smoking/drugs policy will be subject to a termination of the trip as directed by the chauffeur. The chauffeur holds the right to terminate the trip if there is rude behavior, rude language, or disrespect towards the chauffeur. No refunds will be given.

It is agreed that the passenger capacity of your reserved vehicle shall not be exceeded.

In case of any misconduct by you or a member of your party, the chauffeur is authorized to terminate service without any refunds.

It is agreed that Chief Limos will not be held responsible or liable for any personal or material damages arising from the conduct of any member of your party.

Customer is responsible for any damages committed to Chief Limos vehicles by you or any member of your party during service, either willfully or accidentally. Any actions that cause damage to a Chief Limo vehicle, including loss or theft of property, will result in charges equal to the amount required to repair/replenish vehicle.


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